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What happens in couples Counselling?

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Couples counseling doesn’t have to be complicated. Essentially, it is a special type of talk therapy where two people sit down with a counselor to talk about how they can preserve the relationship. Usually, it includes two people, in a romantic relationship. However, it can also be used by any two people who want to improve their relationships, such as two family members, or two business partners.

Couples counseling helps you to see what is currently happening in your relationship and helps you to be clear about whether you want to break away from the relationship or want to be better to overcome the bitterness in the relationship.

In couples counseling, you get new views about each other. And learn how you can save your relationship, and live a happy life together. Couples counseling includes “skill work” to help you see things from different perspectives, as well as help you explore and express your feelings and thoughts with your partner.

Points that you can expect in couples therapy -

  1. Get basic information about the relationship
  2. Find a way to get to the root of problems
  3. Learn to Develop Goals and a Timeline
  4. Learn new skills to improve relationships
  5. Homework out of session
  6. Participate in Both Couples and Individual Sessions
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